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love the Lord thy God

It's all about loving God! We should be so in love with Him that we can't get enough of Him!

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Understanding Biblical Prophecy is essential for modern Christians! We're so close to the last day and Jesus explicitly told us to watch and understand the signs and information He gave us!

Do you understand where Islam fits in Bible prophecy? The Antichrist and False Prophet are most certainly alive and in positions of power right now, today!

bible prophecy and truth

This is a message from Francis Chan (a mega-church pastor who walked away from his church to serve God in a way that is more pleasing to God)

If you watch this video and realize that this is your dream, then please contact us! We want to worship and serve God together with you!

VIDEO: Rethinking Church

What We Believe

Bible Reading Plan

  • What do we do?
  • Pray together!
  • Read the Bible together!
  • Study the Bible together!
  • Sing hymns!
  • Love the Lord our God with every ounce of our being!

If you're interested in worshipping God with us, please send me a message on our Contact Us page!